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Monday Notes: Lions Re-Sign Stanley Wilson

  • The Lions re-signed restricted free agent cornerback Stanley Wilson last Friday.  This re-signing means that the Lions drafting a CB becomes much less likely as they seem to be content with the players they have right now.  A CB could be drafted late second day, but I highly doubt an early pick would be used on one now.
  • Detroit also signed free agent punter/kicker Paul Ernster and waived safety Patrick Body.  Ernster will be one of many punters/kickers that come in during training camp and the preseason only to be cut before the regular season begins.
  • Tom Kowalski discussed the Lions possible draft strategy in an article written over the weekend, and it seems to echo what I posted earlier today.  Detroit wants Derrick Harvey, but would take either Ryan Clady or Chris Williams.  Unfortunately, all three of those players could be gone by the time the Lions go on the clock.  If that scenario happens, then the next option could be to select a linebacker.  And to answer Kowalski's question at the end of the story, I would take Jerod Mayo over Keith Rivers simply because Mayo is a better eventual fit at MLB.
  • The Lions are shifting to a zone blocking scheme that is similar to the Broncos' running game.
  • Kalvin Pearson is getting rave reviews from a couple of the Lions' defensive coaches.
  • Another Texas paper talked with Roy Williams about him possibly becoming a Cowboy.  This is getting old fast, but articles like this will continue until the Lions make a move.  Unless the franchise tag is applied, which is a very likely possibility, Roy will just end up being a free agent and probably will sign with Dallas.
  • Finally, something all NFL fans can celebrate is that Bryant Gumbel has left the NFL Network.  No offense to him, but he just absolutely stunk at announcing.  It was very hard to listen to.