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NFL to Release 2008 Schedule Later Today

Although most of us are all focused on the NFL Draft as it is less than two weeks away, later today we will have to take a short break to look ahead to next season.  Why?  Well, the NFL is going to release the 2008 schedule at 2:00 p.m. ET, meaning we will get to find out the exact dates, times, and TV arrangements for all 16 regular season games.

Despite the schedule not being out until later today, we do already know which teams the Lions will be playing in 2008 and where the games will be played at.

HOME: Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, Jacksonville, Tennessee, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and Washington

AWAY: Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Carolina, and San Francisco

Just for fun, here are a few predictions for the Lions' 2008 schedule:

  • Detroit will host Vince Young and the Titans on Thanksgiving
  • The Lions will play Green Bay in December
  • To open the season, Detroit will be on the road against San Francisco
  • The two games against the Bears will be played within 4 weeks of each other

Check back in around 2 p.m. ET to find out what the Lions' schedule looks like for the 2008 season.