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Pride of Detroit 2.0 Debuts April 23

Just in time for the NFL Draft and Pride of Detroit's 2-year anniversary, this blog is getting a new look on April 23.  SB Nation 2.0 has already hit every MLB blog and some NBA blogs, but next week the NFL blogs will make the conversion.  At first glance, things will look drastically different visually as the site will look much sleeker, but once you start looking around more you will notice all of the new features that 2.0 has.

Among some of the new features are FanShots, widgets in the sidebars, schedules, rosters, and pages for every NFL team no matter what blog you're on.  I'll get into it more once the change is officially made, but look out for that on Wednesday.

If you want to get an idea of what Pride of Detroit 2.0 will look like, you can check out Bless You Boys or any other MLB blog.  I'll probably say this quite a bit once the change is complete, but I want to thank every tech guy that worked on this project as it is a year in the making and took an awful lot of hard work.  Without them this wouldn't be possible, so a big pat on the back goes out to all of them.