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Your Weekly Roy Williams Rumors

It wouldn't be a true Monday without the usual Roy Williams trade rumors, so luckily it is in fact a true Monday as this week's gossip comes from Philadelphia.

Mike Quick who is the analyst for the Eagles games with Merrill Reese says there will be news about Roy Williams before the week is out.

Mike Quick says he thinks the Birds are going to make a major move at the wide receiver position.  He talked about Roy Williams and the potential that the Eagles will make a deal to acquire a wide receiver.  He says there will be news on Roy Williams before the week is out.

That means the Cowboys, Redskins or the Eagles will probably wind up with the receiver before the week is out.

Pardon me for being skeptical, but we've all been through this two or three times before already.  Normally the rumors comes from Dallas as that is Roy's expected destination if he is traded anywhere, but it is interesting that their source is Philly this time around.  I could understand the Lions trading Roy to the Eagles, but just because it makes sense doesn't mean it will happen.

Every time Roy Williams trade rumors have come out, either Matt Millen, Rod Marinelli, Roy Williams himself, or a local Lions beat reporter has said that there is no truth to them.  Obviously the first two people could be playing us, but I don't get that impression at all as there is no reason to do that.  If anything, Millen and/or Marinelli would be out in the press talking about how much interest they've gathered to better the trade offers coming in.

One thing Matt Millen has said is that he will listen to all offers, and I guess something could happen if the Eagles presented him something that he couldn't refuse.  That would take an awful lot, though, and I personally just don't see it happening.  For me, I wouldn't accept anything less than a first-round pick for Williams.  That sounds like an expensive price to pay for a receiver, no matter how good he is, but for the Lions it would be pretty dumb to give him up for anything other than a first-rounder.  Of course, a player being included in the deal would certainly change things, but it seems like any trade made would be for draft picks.

I imagine this isn't the last time we will hear about Williams trade rumors this week considering the draft is Saturday, but for me, I'll believe them when I see something actually happen.

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Update [2008-4-21 20:45:42 by Sean Yuille]: Rod Marinelli already laughed off the latest rumors, so as I already said, I'll believe the rumors when something actually happens.

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