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Monday Notes: Busted

  • Reminder: 10 of SB Nation's NFL blogs are converting to the new platform (SBN 2.0) today, and Pride of Detroit will be making the switch on Wednesday.
  • recently looked at the top 50 draft busts of all time, and unsurprisingly, four of them were players picked by the Lions.  Charles Rogers came in at #5, Andre Ware at #12, Reggie Rogers at #13, and Aaron Gibson at #30.
  • Tom Kowalski believes that if Derrick Harvey is available when the Lions go on the clock in the first-round, then he will be taken by Detroit.
  • Lions tight end Dan Campbell got his injured elbow fixed in an interesting way.
  • Lions preseason games may end up with one different announcer as rumor has it that former QB Erik Kramer may be headed to Chicago.
  • NFL Draft prospect Keith Rivers, who could end up being picked by the Lions, discussed his visit to Allen Park on his Yardbarker blog.
  • Mike O'Hara has been talking to Jon Kitna too much.
  • To learn about the Lions' new zone blocking scheme, you can read about it in-depth by taking a look at an article written by Bob Davie a few years ago.  (Thanks to ferg1975 for passing along the link)
  • Calvin Johnson shared some stories with Tom Kowalski and also answered some random questions.
  • Pro Football Talk runs down who will be involved in ESPN's coverage of the draft this weekend.
  • Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole weighed in on the NFL's best and worst games of the season, and the Lions were on the worst list three separate times.