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Final Pre-Draft Thoughts

  • I will be doing a live-blog of the entire 2008 NFL Draft, just as I did last year.  This time will be a little different, though.  Aside from having a new look here at Pride of Detroit, I will be using some new technology to do a more interactive live-blog that will include reader comments, polls, and real-time updates, meaning you no longer have to hit refresh.  Check back in at 3 p.m. ET for that.
  • There are reports that the Carolina Panthers have a standing offer  to trade down.  If they did trade down, it would be behind the Lions most likely, meaning Derrick Harvey could still be around for Detroit to draft.  That is the best case scenario for the Lions, but again, it's unlikely.
  • I have a feeling the top half of the first-round will look very different by day's end in the sense that there will be so much movement.  In my opinion, we won't see a lot of big trades, but instead many little ones.