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Lions to Offer Mini Season-Ticket Plan

For being a losing team the last seven seasons, the Lions decided to reward their fans by raising season ticket prices.  It's a smart move on their part as people will still by the tickets and they can get more money, but for the fans it was a raw deal, especially since the product on the field has been so bad.

To help combat the rising gas prices and economic issues that affect so many people in the Detroit area, the Lions are doing something to alleviate the cost a little bit for fans that still want to attend some games.  The Lions are offering two five-game ticket plans that also include an exhibition game.  The price isn't even that bad either, allowing fans to go for less.

The Joe Schmidt plan offers tickets for the Giants in the exhibition season and regular-season games with the Packers, Redskins, Buccaneers and Saints.

The Lem Barney plan has tickets for the Browns in the exhibition season and the Bears, Jaguars, Titans and Vikings in the regular season.

The Titans play the Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

Under the two plans, the five-game packages cost as low as $230.

My advice would be to skip out on paying the Lions anything until some changes in this franchise are made.  By that, I mean until Matt Millen is fired and they truly get serious about winning, because as long as people keep showing up, William Clay Ford has no reason to make any changes.