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Millen and Martz Trade Jabs

Since being fired, Mike Martz has had some negative things to say about the Detroit Lions, the team he was the offensive coordinator of the previous two seasons.  Although what he has said is true (that San Francisco is a better situation, Detroit isn't even close, etc.) for the most part, it is unusual to publicly say things like that.  Well, now he is saying more negative things publicly, but this time only about Matt Millen, which I am all for.

I'll get to what Martz said in a second, but it should be known that he was responding to something Matt Millen said about him.

“Mike is a great coach, a really wonderful guy and I think he’ll have great success out there,” Detroit President Matt Millen said. Then came measured criticism.

“But you have to control what Mike is doing during games. Mike is brilliant. He can break down what a defense is doing faster than anyone I have ever seen. Then, all of a sudden, he’s coming up with a bunch of new ideas about how to attack that defense right there on the spot. That’s great, but you’d sit there sometimes and wonder, ‘Hey, what happened to all the stuff we talked about Monday to Saturday?’”

I wouldn't disagree with that assessment simply because at times Martz seemed too smart for his own good.  His system is notorious for being complicated, but there were many occasions these last two seasons where the offense just looked confused.  When the offense simply couldn't do anything right, I really believe Martz was overthinking things. 

Either way, Martz fired back by taking a shot at Millen regarding him not even being in Detroit for an entire week.

“How would Matt know what we were talking about Monday to Saturday since he wasn’t there Thursday to Saturday?” Martz said, referring to Millen’s work schedule which includes him taking time with his family at the end of every week.

Is that a cheap shot?  Yes.  Does Millen deserve it?  Of course.  That is just another of the many reasons why Millen shouldn't still have a job.

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