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Wednesday Notes: New Lions Have to Earn Starting Spots

  • Tom Kowalski has notes on yesterday's OTA.  Something worth noting is that no rookies are starting yet.  Although that's not a big surprise, Rod Marinelli is making them earn their way into the starting lineup.  Ditto for cornerback Leigh Bodden, who was acquired from the Browns in the offseason.
  • A writer from the Sporting News believes Ernie Sims can make the Pro Bowl next season.
  • The Lions are claiming that what Tom Lewand said to Pat Caputo wasn't a threat.  I guess it makes more sense if Lewand was saying he would come after Caputo with a lawsuit, but regardless, the phrase shouldn't have been said anyways.
  • MLive has a photo gallery of yesterday's OTA up.
  • Calvin Johnson has big expectations for 2008.
  • Similarly, the Lions have big expectations for Dewayne White this coming season.
  • Indianapolis will host the 2012 Super Bowl.
  • The NFL is enacting the idea that Michael Irvin had about sending all rookies to Canton, Ohio, for a tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • Roger Goodell talked yesterday about the possibility of adding a 17th regular season game to each team's schedule in the future.  If something like that were to happen, the preseason schedule would likely decrease to 3 games so teams still play 20 total games between the preseason and the regular season.

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