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Kevin Jones Looks to Make Lions Regretful

Although Kevin Jones has visited a couple teams since being released by the Lions in March, he surprisingly hasn't signed with anyone yet.  I figured it was because of his injury as teams just didn't want to take a chance on him until he is totally healthy, but it turns out that he is simply considering all of his options.

Yesterday Jones invited some local reporters to what I guess you would call a workout to watch him run and do some other things.  The only real purpose behind this is to generate some publicity for Jones, but it also may be the first sign that Detroit made a mistake in getting rid of Jones as quickly as they did.  I say that because Jones looked good during the workout and seems to be ahead of schedule as far as getting back from his injury goes.

I understand why the Lions did get rid of Jones as he comes off as being injury prone and Detroit wanted to free up some cap space, but I get the feeling that Jones is someone that will play against the Lions and rush for 200 yards and a few touchdowns.  That's what usually happens for many ex-Lions that play against their former team, and if he can stay healthy, Jones certainly seems like he could be the next player to seek out revenge on the field.

Already, Jones is using the Lions' decision to get rid of him as motivation during workouts.  Specifically, he yelled out "Colletto" before running a sprint during the aforementioned workout.  That, of course, refers to new Lions offensive coordinator Jim Colletto, who said some things about the type of running back he needs when Jones was still on the team.  That rightfully angered Jones, and he is drawing motivation out of it.

You can watch a video of the workout and an interview with Jones here.

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