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Rogers Eyeing NFL Return?

Earlier today when I was interviewed by for their podcast, The Audible, the final question I was asked inquired about what was more likely: Charles Rogers playing in the NFL this season or one of the hosts of the podcast doing the same.  Obviously, I answered that the host had a better shot simply because Charles Rogers can't even follow through on a verbal agreement to play for a CFL team. 

As it turns out, unless the host of the podcast has any tryouts coming up, I may be eating crow with regards to my answer as Charles Rogers supposedly has a workout with the Minnesota Vikings scheduled in the near future, at least that is what his former high school coach is claiming.

''He's had a couple workouts with some teams and has a workout with the Minnesota Vikings,'' Durrett said. ''He's getting caught up (with playing in the NFL again). I tell him to play where he can play and enjoy it. People get caught up on where the best spot for him is.

''He's got to find his happiness. If it's in Canada, build yourself up and make it back here.''

I know that a workout doesn't mean he will be given a second chance, but it is progress for the former Lions receiver.  Just last season it was reported that he ran a 4.9 40-yard dash, a time far too slow for an NFL receiver.  On top of that, at one point it was reported that he couldn't even get a tryout with an NFL team as his talent had slipped that much.

I still don't think Rogers will be on an NFL team anytime soon, but I guess getting a workout is progress compared to where he was at a year ago.  Plus, if Rogers could get a job with a team in the NFL as compared to the CFL, then I'm sure he would gladly take it.

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