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Monday Notes: One Month to Training Camp

  • The Detroit Lions' 2008 training camp is a month or so away.  On July 23, players will report to Allen Park to get ready for the official start of practice a day later.  By that time the NFL season will start to creep into our heads as football will be back sooner than you think.  Look for daily reports of the latest happenings from training camp here on Pride of Detroit.
  • Hall of Famer and former Lion Lem Barney discussed the Lions in the Free Press yesterday and was way too nice to Matt Millen in his assessment of the worst GM in sports.
    What is your opinion of Matt Millen? Hey, that's not a fair question. You are going to get me in trouble. It's hard for me to say. I will be a Lion the rest of my life.

    But? I think he has the capability to be a good general manager. He's just had some ups and downs. ... You can't just blame Matt. Players have to want to win, too. You have to be hungry enough. Look at what Boston did -- (the Celtics) were hungry. One guy can't do it by himself. That's why it's called a TEAM. Together ... everyone ... accomplishes more.
    What ups has Matt Millen ever had as Lions GM?
  • Former Lions receiver Herman Moore was named to the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame.  That is a great honor and everything, but it definitely loses some of its luster when you find out that William Clay Ford was inducted three years ago.

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