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Monday Notes: Odds on Williams Hold Out Released

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  • IGN posted all of the NFL players' ratings in Madden 09 recently.  The Lions' ratings can be seen here.
  • With the recent news of Lions draft picks being involved in legal trouble, Rod Marinelli reportedly is stressing to Kevin Smith that he must stay out of trouble.
  • If you want to bet on whether or not Lions wide receiver will hold out from training camp, the odds are 10-1 that he doesn't show up.  My advice for something that wants to place a bet is that Roy will probably be in attendance for training camp despite his contract issues.  I know, I know, he skipped out on a few OTAs recently.  His excuses for missing them weren't all that great, but OTAs and training camp are two very different things.
  • Former Lions offensive lineman Lomas Brown will work with rookie Gosder Cherilus during training camp.  Hopefully Brown gives him some advice about how to handle life off the field as well as on it so Cherilus doesn't get in any more bar brawls.  Speaking of that, Gos will face a Personal Conduct Policy review for the legal troubles he is going through.
  • The Detroit Free Press recently interviewed rookie Kevin Smith.
  • One time Lions coach Steve Mariucci recently stated in an interview that Matt Millen finally is changing the players on this team instead of the coaches.  It was meant to be a joke about Millen, but what Mariucci said is very true.  Millen appears to be content in sticking with Marinelli for a while and shaping the roster around him.  Then again, I believe Marinelli is responsible for most of the roster moves as he is brining in his own type of players.
  • Jon Kitna had to use an Ohio State golf bag (puke) at the Buick Open pro-am last week since the Buckeyes beat Michigan last November.  Kitna has a bet with his friend every year on the game, and unfortunately his friend hasn't had to use a Michigan bag since 2003, the last time the Wolverines were victorious over OSU.

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