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Kevin Jones Works Out in Front of Lions

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Since being released by the Lions, running back Kevin Jones has been working hard to get healthy again.  Due to another serious leg injury, Detroit parted ways with Jones back in March.  Some saw the move as being best for both sides of the situation as the Lions needed to move on and Jones needed to find a new team.  After all, he was going to be a free agent after 2008 anyways, so why wait to get rid of him?  For me, I felt the Lions did get rid of Jones a little too quickly as they really didn't give him a chance to get back to full health.  Then again, why keep someone on the roster that has some many health issues?

Either way, Kevin Jones has been out to prove the Lions wrong ever since he was released, and he had his first chance to do so on Saturday.  Jones held a workout in Saline and Miami, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and Detroit showed up.  The Lions had director of pro personnel Sheldon White in attendance for the workout and he came away impressed.

Before we get out the jump to conclusions mat, let's think about why the Lions went to the workout.  I don't doubt they were interested in seeing if Jones is good enough to possibly return to the team, but more than anything I imagine they are just getting an idea of where his progress is for reference purposes.  Don't rule out a return to Detroit if Jones is healthy enough, but I just can't see that happening due to how things ended the first time around.  Although only four teams did go to the workout, I'm sure Jones would be able to find a team other than the Lions to sign with.

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