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Davenport Interested in Lions? Jones in Bucs?

Recently released running back Najeh Davenport is looking for a new team, and the Lions may be near the top of his list. The Steelers just cut Davenport over the weekend, but already he appears to be shopping himself around. According to NFL Gridiron Gab, Davenport mentioned the Lions as a team he would like to play for yesterday on NFL Radio. Davenport reportedly said something along the lines of him being a great fit for the Lions' power back need.

I do expect the running back position to see some movement as training camp nears simply because the Lions need depth, and Davenport legitametly could be someone Detroit takes a close look at. With T.J. Duckett leaving Detroit after only one season, they really don't have a true power back. Considering the offense for 2008 will focus on the run so much, I would say having a power back is somewhat necessary, as is depth. Right now the Lions do not have either, so adding someone that can take the ball in a short yardage and pick up a tough yard or two would be nice.

Another unemployed running back looking for a team is Kevin Jones. I mentioned yesterday that the Lions and three other teams showed up for a workout he held in Saline on Saturday. Well, one of the teams that did not show for the workout may be interested in Jones, or at least Jones is interested in this team.

The former Lions running back is "seriously eyeing" the Tampa Bay Buccaneers according to the NFL Network's Adam Schefter. Tampa is an appealing place to play, but I don't really understand why Jones would want to go there. The Bucs just extended the contract of running back Earnest Graham and added veteran Warrick Dunn back in March. Although I'm sure Jones would be up for the competition, it would make much more sense for him to sign with a team where he could be the clear cut backup at this point.