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Kevin Jones to Sign With Bears or Steelers

Former Lions running back Kevin Jones has finally found a team.  Who that team is won't be known until later today, but we do know who the two finalists are to land his services.

Tampa Bay is officially out of the running for Detroit free agent running back Kevin Jones.

Jones will sign with either Pittsburgh or Chicago on Tuesday, according to agent Tony Fleming, who said that late Monday evening. 

Previously, Fleming said five teams including Tampa Bay were interested in Jones, but despited a published report last week stating Jones was going to visit Tampa Bay this week, he said it was untrue.

I'm really hoping Jones decides to sign with Pittsburgh simply because I don't want to watch him play the Lions twice this season.  It's not that I'm scared of his talent or anything like that, but we all know what happens when ex-Lions play their former team.  Does the name Artose Pinner ring a bell?  Although he is back with the Lions now, he spent time in Minnesota and had a career day against Detroit when the two teams played.  The possibility alone of Jones signing with Chicago is already giving me thoughts of him having career days of his own against the Lions.

Unfortunately, early signs are that Jones will join Chicago as he will be visiting the Bears to take a physical today.  No contract has been offered yet, but I imagine if he passes the physical a deal will be put on the table.