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Wednesday Notes: Kevin Jones Released Too Quickly?

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  • Jamie Samuelsen thinks the Lions released Kevin Jones too quickly. I tend to agree with him as they never gave Jones time to get healthy again. Obviously they have every right to move on, but I have a feeling that move is going to come back to haunt them down the road.
  • In the end I also think Jones will be much happier in Chicago then he would be if he were still on the Lions. In fact, he is glad to be a Bear.
  • The Sporting News ranked the NFL's 25 best wide receivers, and both Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson made the list. Roy came in at #20, and C.J. was 24th.
  • Colts quarterback Peyton Manning underwent surgery earlier this week on his left knee. He will be out for a few weeks at the minimum, but is expected to be back for the start of the regular season.
  • The NFL is reviewing tape and has hired "experts" to find out if some players are celebrating by flashing gang signs.