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Matt Millen Is Delusional

I apologize for the "captain obvious" type of title, but it needs to be said after some recent comments Matt Millen made.

As you all probably know by now, the Lions made a really bad commercial that featured an even worse slogan.  "Do you believe in now?" is the commercial's tagline, and by the way, the answer is no.  Detroit undoubtedly could have come up with something that doesn't draw instant mocking, but that's exactly what happened with the slogan as most people answer the question with "no."  To be specific, 77% of over 1000 people voted no in a poll on Pride of Detroit that featured the Lions' slogan.  That means well over 800 people do not believe in now, which should come as no surprise.

Anyways, Matt Millen talked to the Detroit Free Press yesterday and discussed what fans' expectations should be in regards to whether or not they should believe in now.  Basically, he made his case for why fans should believe in now, and in the process made himself look like a fool, not that that is hard to do in the first place.

“I think that our fan base is a pretty knowledgeable fan base, so I think they’ll believe their eyes,” Millen said.

“And I think this is a great football town. I’ve said that a million times. So I think the more they can see and the more they get a feel for this group, I think they’re going to like what they see.

“That’s my opinion. So they’ll make their own decisions.”

You're right, Matt, Lions fans are pretty knowledgeable.  That's why there are websites, groups, and events dedicated to calling for your firing.  We're knowledgeable enough to see that you have done a terrible job throughout all your years working for the Lions, and we definitely knew there needed to be a change long ago.  Even so, you still have managed to survive somehow, and until you do go, I don't think any Lions fan will believe in now. 

For me to believe in now, I would have to hear that Millen was finally fired and was on the first flight out of Detroit (assuming, of course, that he was actually in Detroit at the time since he doesn't even live here permanently).  Since that won't be happening anytime soon, I will continue to not believe in now and will not even think about changing my mind until I do see something that tells me different.

It's funny; Millen says he thinks we're going to like what we see.  Well, Matt, what exactly are we going to see in 2008?  A flat out horrible season that produces only a few wins or less?  A promising start that turns out to be a kick in between the legs to Lions fans everywhere?  Or is it going to be the usual mediocre season where the Lions win only 5 or 6 games?  Tell me, Matt, because I'm dying to hear how the Lions can screw it up again.

If Millen had some merit to back up his little prediction that we're going to like what we see, then I'd be singing a different tune.  Unfortunately, that's not the case at all.  Although Detroit did show great things by starting 6-2 last season, that is completely forgotten by a 1-7 finish.  On top of that, Detroit has had 7 straight losing seasons.  Why is this year going to be any different?  All Detroit has done is added some old players and then had another questionable draft.  Considering that's basically what the entire Millen era is based around, I highly doubt 2008 will be the year everything finally comes together.

Matt Millen is right about one thing.  I'll believe it when I see it.  I just hope that I'll actually be around long enough to see a winning Lions team as it seems like that will never happen.  I would start to believe a little bit the second Millen is fired, but similarly, that doesn't seem like it will ever happen either. 

Who would've guessed it?  In a state with such a crappy economy and high unemployment rate, Matt Millen is the one guy that can't lose his job.  No matter what he does, William Clay Ford just can't utter the words, "You're fired," to Millen.  Hell, I bet he could run across Ford Field in a bodysuit and still be immune to being fired.  If Millen purposely tried to lose his job -- and with some of the moves he's made, it actually looks like no one could be that dumb by accident -- he would probably fail at that as well.