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Takeo Spikes Signing Imminent?

After visiting the Lions last week, free agent linebacker Takeo Spikes has a new job if he wants it.  The Lions want to sign Spikes as soon as today in order to get him in town for the start of training camp, but that doesn't appear likely at this time.  Spikes is still "exploring other options," which I can't fault him for at all.  If he can find a team better than Detroit that wants him, then by all means go for it.

“I think there’s a chance if we can come to terms that we could get him before camp,” coach Rod Marinelli said today.

“There’s an interest there on both sides,” president Matt Millen said. “I think he wants to still look at some things. We’ll be patient.”

Even though Spikes finished last season on the injured reserve, he was having a good year before he was sidelined.  After all, the Eagles' main reason for releasing him was based on saving money, so it's not that he can't play or something like that.

I've previously said that I'm for brining Spikes in simply because he is a better middle linebacker than anyone else on the current roster.  He is an upgrade over Paris Lenon and certainly is better than Jordon Dizon, who is only a rookie.

Spikes would be able to join the Lions and likely jump to the starting spot at MLB fairly quickly.  On top of that, having a veteran like Spikes around would be good for the younger players as he could serve as a mentor to them.

I highly doubt the Lions will be able to get Spikes signed before training camp gets underway, but I do think he'll join the team before long.  There's always the chance that a better offer could come along in the meantime, but for the Lions' sake I hope no other teams come calling.

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