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Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football League


The beginning of training camp signals many things.  Football is back and the season is right around the corner, and with that, fantasy football leagues start getting put together and drafts commence.  This year is no different, but for the first time ever, there will be a Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football League.  In fact, every NFL team blog here at SB Nation will be running a fantasy football league, and you guys, the readers, get to be a part of it.

To join Pride of Detroit's fantasy football league, all you have to do is go here.  After you click on the link, find Pride of Detroit's logo and click on it.  After that step, simply click register now and fill out your information.  Doing that will enter you into a random drawing for a place in the league.

Since only 12 spots are available for this league (11 if you don't count my team), that random drawing will determine who fills some of the openings.  I believe I had 14 people mention that they were interested in participating, so a couple people will unfortunately be left out. 

What I am going to do for five people is guarantee them a spot in the league based on the fact that they are regular readers.  Out of the people interested, five had a significant amount of comments compared to everyone else, so as regular readers of the site, they will get a spot in the league for sure.

The five readers that have a guaranteed spot are: ahtrap, LVLionsfan, The Prodigy, Jettero2112, and ReichardZ.  I will send an e-mail with details on how to get into the league to those five people, but for everyone else, follow the steps above to get in on the random drawing.  Also, even if you did not send me an e-mail or leave a comment expressing interest in joining the league, you can still sign up for the random drawing.

I look forward to getting this league going, and just a warning, I take fantasy football very seriously.  My team, Better Than Millen, is ready to destroy anyone in its path.  Okay, maybe that's a little too serious.  But I am excited to get this started.

One last thing to note is that if you sign up for the random drawing or officially join the league, please leave a comment to let me know you did so.  That way I can keep track of how many people have joined and how many people are seriously interested in joining.

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