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Ernie Sims Hurts Knee, Seems to Be Fine

Lions linebacker Ernie Sims landed wrong after going up to knock down a pass yesterday, and as a result, hurt his knee.  Sims was on the ground for a bit, giving every fan and coach a scare as he is Detroit's best linebacker.  Thankfully, though, Sims got up and seemed to be fine.

"It scared me a little bit," Sims said. "Thank God, it's just a little sore. You saw me. I ran back out there."

He felt pain shoot through the knee joint when he landed on the turf, Sims said.

"I came down on my knee wrong," Sims said. "I just felt it shoot through my knee. More than anything, it scared me. From my standpoint, I'm fine."

Just to be safe, the Lions apparently took a closer look at the injury in between practices, but Sims was back out on the field, so I'm not worried about the injury too much.

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