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Tuesday Notes: Cardinals Say No to Davenport

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  • If the Detroit Lions have any interest in signing free agent running back Najeh Davenport, it appears there won't be much competition for the former Steeler.  Davenport recently said on Sirius NFL Radio that he would like to play for the Cardinals or Lions, but Arizona has no interest in him.  That means if Detroit is looking for a power back to fill the void left by T.J. Duckett's departure, Davenport could easily be brought in.  At this time it doesn't appear that there is a whole lot of interest in Davenport from the Lions' side of things, so only time will tell if talks between the two parties are initiated.
  • MJD over at Shutdown Corner provided some background info on where the Lions' catchphrase came from in their crappy commercial I talked about yesterday.  The NFL's theme for the 2008 season is "Believe In Now."  If you recall the catchphrase from Detroit's commercial, it is "Do you believe in now?"  Not only are the Lions mediocre on the field, but their marketing department is proving to be just as bad.  Rather than come up with an original slogan, the Lions elected to turn the NFL's catchphrase for 2008 into a question and inserted it into their own commercial.  Awesome.  Was the universal catchphrase of all Lions fans, "Fire Millen," not allowed or something?
  • By the way, of the 600+ that voted in yesterday's poll about whether or not you do believe in now, over 450 answered no as of the time of this post.

    UPDATE: With nearly 800 votes (as of noon ET), over 600 of you have said you do not believe in now.
  • The Detroit News profiled the man helping Kevin Jones get back into playing shape.
  • The Free Press caught up with Lions rookie Jordon Dizon.  I was hoping Dizon would shed some light on his legal issues, but the interview happened before news of his arrest came out.
  • Lions draft bust Mike Williams appears to finally have his head on straight.  After being a total disappointment in Detroit and for a very short time in Oakland, Williams seems to have his priorities in order in Tennessee.  Williams, who was known for his poor work ethic and being overweight, has dropped almost 30 pounds since January.  I guess all it took was a change of scenery or two to make him realize that he needs to get in shape.
  • Dan Patrick, a former SportsCenter anchor and a current writer for Sports Illustrated, is going to be a co-host for NBC's Sunday night football.  Patrick will share hosting duties with Bob Costas and will be re-united with a fellow former SportsCenter anchor, Keith Olbermann.  I'm not exactly sure how they are going to squeeze Patrick onto the set as along with Costas and Olbermann, Cris Collinsworth, Jerome Bettis, Tiki Barber, and Peter King are all also part of the show.