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Lions Take a Look at LaMont Jordan

Continuing their search for additional depth at the running back position, the Lions recently hosted LaMont Jordan for a visit.  Although Jordan still is a member of the Raiders, Oakland has been trying to shop him around and are hoping to trade him by training camp.

It was a pre-trade visit arranged by the Raiders and Lions. Oakland has been trying to trade Jordan in the past month. The team kept Jordan out of its early June minicamp as it attempted to deal him. Yet, the market was slow and the visit to Detroit was the only real movement in a possible trade.

However, there has been little contact between the Lions and Keels since Jordan's visit and it is unknown if the Lions will proceed in finalizing the trade. It would likely take a sixth or seventh-round draft choice to get Jordan.

It seems like it's only a matter of time until the Lions do eventually sign a running back considering they have shown interest in finding another one to add to the team, but my guess is that nothing will happen until training camp gets going.  That way they can evaluate the running backs they have and go on from there, although I do not think LaMont Jordan is the answer by any means.