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Titans Release Mike Williams

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Just when it looked like former Lions draft bust Mike Williams finally had the right attitude and work ethic to play in the NFL, the Tennessee Titans released him on Thursday.

“It was a combination of things we weren’t getting from him. There were too many drops, we just didn’t see improvement,’’ Coach Jeff Fisher said. “He’s had potential. He still has potential. Maybe he’ll realize it some place else.’’

Despite losing roughly 30 pounds and getting into better shape earlier this offeason, Williams was unable to move very far into the receiver rotation. His conditioning and weight remained issues as training camp progressed.

“It may be a message that coaches are serious, the organization is serious and they want people that are going to work and compete and take their jobs serious,’’ linebacker Keith Bulluck said.

“No disrespect to Mike Williams, I love Mike Williams, but he is going to have show people that he is really serious about playing football,’’ said running back LenDale White, a USC teammate. “Unfortunately, they might be talking about him like Ryan Leaf as one of the worst draft decisions.’’

As the quote above mentioned, Williams dropped 30 pounds in the offseason, leading most to believe he was serious about getting better.  Obviously that wasn't the case, judging by Keith Bulluck and LenDale White's feelings about the situation.

You would think by now BMW would learn that it takes work to play in the NFL, but apparently the light bulb in his head still hasn't turned on.  After being traded to the Raiders by Detroit and then being released soon after, it was assumed that Williams finally got a much needed wake up call.  It seemed like Tennessee was a good fit for him, especially after we learned he lost all that weight.  However, I guess no matter what he weighs or where he plays, Mike Williams just doesn't have the right mindset to be an NFL player.

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