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LeCharles Bentley Visits Lions, Leaves Without Signing

Center LeCharles Bentley visited the Lions on Tuesday, and the general consensus is that things went well.  However, Bentley left Allen Park without signing a contract and didn't even take a physical.  Tom Kowalski reported yesterday afternoon that the Lions were not interested in Bentley, but Pro Football Talk claims that there is no interest because Bentley didn't care for the deal he was offered.

A league source tells us that the Lions actually offered Bentley a one-year deal worth in excess of $1 million, and that Bentley passed. 

As we understand it, several teams are interested in Bentley, but the prevailing attitude is that he should sign a one-year deal for relatively low money in order to prove that he’s healthy.  Bentley is looking for more.

Bentley was a great center before being injured the last two years.  He actually had four surgeries on his leg in the last two years, which is why teams aren't exactly willing to give him a huge deal before he even returns to the football field. 

The Lions were primarily interested in Bentley because he could add depth to the guard positions.