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Second Fantasy Draft = Success

The Pride of Detroit Fantasy Football Overflow League draft took place last night, and I am much happier with how things turned out.  Even before the draft started I was feeling better about things as I had the second overall pick, and after only a few rounds I knew my overflow league team was a million times better than my official league team.  Why?  Well, when you start the draft off by picking LaDainian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, and Reggie Wayne, you're bound to feel pretty good.

I'm not going to go through every single pick for every team, but I will let you guys know how my team ended up.  I actually lucked out to get LT as the first person on the clock ran out of time and got stuck with Tony Romo as his auto-pick.  I don't know if he ranked the players beforehand to cause that pick, but I definitely got lucky.  With LT available I didn't hesitate at all in picking him.

With my second pick I was originally thinking of picking a quarterback, but by the time I was on the clock again all of the so-called "first-tier" QBs were gone.  Because of that I decided to stock up the running back position by selecting Larry Johnson.  On the return pick I opted for Reggie Wayne as I couldn't pass up the chance to add one of the league's best receivers.

When the fourth-round came around I realized that I did need to draft a QB.  Of the QBs available I thought that Jay Cutler was the best, so I drafted him.  Later on I would draft Philip Rivers to add depth at QB, so although I don't have an amazing starting QB, I don't have a bad one, either.  On the return I picked Thomas Jones to continue my quest to build great depth at RB.

Here are the rest of the picks I made (in order):

QB Philip Rivers
TE Heath Miller
D/ST Chicago Bears
WR Jerricho Cotchery
WR Joey Galloway
K Nate Kaeding
RB Leon Washington
D/ST Green Bay Packers
TE Kevin Boss
RB Chris Perry
WR Ted Ginn

Looking back, I really wish my official league team was half as good as my overflow league team.  I not only lucked out at the start of the draft, but put together a solid team throughout the rest of the draft as well.

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