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Teddy Lehman Headed to the Injured Resevre

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Well, so much for Teddy Lehman making the team. I said when I predicted the final roster that injuries would come about to make some decisions for me, and that's exactly what has happened with Lions linebacker Teddy Lehman.

Lehman was placed on the injured reserve/minor list today as a result of a hamstring pull. Since he was put on the reserve/minor list, he could return to the Lions or another team at some point during the regular season.

This injury isn't exactly devastating to the team considering Lehman was only recently signed, but it does hurt. I figured Lehman would make the team as he is versatile at linebacker and is a solid special teams player as well. Either way, his spot will be filled by a player that may have made the team instead of him anyways, so this may turn out to be no big deal for the Lions at all.

To fill Lehman's spot on the active roster, the Lions signed linebacker Darnell Bing.