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Wednesday Notes: NFL Keeping Its Eye on Kalvin Pearson

  • The Lions practiced only once on Tuesday and did so indoors and in shells.  I still haven't been able to figure out why the Lions decided to move inside for the first time during training camp, but I imagine it has something to do with just changing the scenery as every practice up until yesterday had been outside.
  • There were no changes to the PUP list as the remaining three players on it aren't expected to be taken off until next week at the earliest.
  • Even though Kalvin Pearson had some serious charges against him dropped, the NFL is still keeping tabs on what happens with the misdemeanor charge that remains.  Also, the alleged victim in this whole situation is not happy with the serious charges being dropped.
    "It's not what I wanted," the alleged victim told The Oakland Press. "It's basically (bull). He has money and he has lawyers. He's doing what he has to do to keep his job."
  • Along with the three players on the PUP list, Cory Redding, Edwin Mulitalo, and Langston Moore will not play in tomorrow's game against the Giants.  Ernie Sims has already said that he will not play, either, and it is unlikely that Brian Kelly and Buster Davis see any action due to injuries.
  • Tom Kowalski thinks the Lions should consider moving Jordon Dizon outside if it is evident that he isn't ready to play middle linebacker.
  • Rookie running back Kevin Smith believes the Lions will win a playoff game this year.
  • The Sports Network has a preview of tomorrow's game up.
  • Although Brett Favre has returned to the Packers officially on paper, his physical return to the team is unlikely.  It appears that there is too much animosity between Favre and the Packers for how his return was handled, meaning that a trade is very likely as it is becoming increasingly evident that the two sides will never be able to fully agree on what exactly Favre's role with the team is.  If a trade does happen, based on who Favre has talked to, it is looking like he will be headed to the Jets or Buccaneers at this point.
  • Finally, in an unrelated note, is it too much to ask for the Tigers to hold on to a lead for a full game?  I have never seen a team play so badly with the lead before.  One day Todd Jones can't close out a game, the next it's Fernando Rodney, then Kyle Farnsworth comes back and plays like complete s**t in every freaking appearance, and finally, Joel Zumaya showed that he isn't qualified to be the team's closer. 

    Go back in the last 10 games and just change the outcome of a few of them and the Tigers would still have a chance to win the AL Central.  Since that's not possible, though, this season is officially over as far as I'm concerned.

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