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Stanley Wilson Out for Season; Eddie Johnson Waived

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Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson, who, like Jason Hanson, was injured during Thursday's game against the Giants, is out for the season due to a torn Achilles tendon.  Wilson will have surgery next week and isn't expected to fully recover until next June at the earliest.

With Wilson being waived injured (he will end up on the injured reserve as long as no team claims him), the Lions signed cornerback Kiwaukee Thomas to fill the opening on the active roster.  Detroit also waived center Nick Jones and replaced him with tackle Damion Cook.

Finally, to make room for the newly signed Dave Rayner, the Lions waived kicker/punter Eddie Johnson.  Johnson is more of a punter and missed a field goal in the Giants game.  Plus, Rayner has a much bigger leg, which will come in handy for kickoffs, especially since Hanson is expected to miss at least a week of practice.  In reality, though, I would be surprised to see Hanson back before the final game of the preseason just to be on the safe side.