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Matt Millen Discusses Shaun Rogers

Here's what Matt Millen said to Peter King about Shaun Rogers recently:

"Mark my words: If Shaun Rogers is healthy, he'll be the NFL defensive player of the year.''

Cue up the questions about why Millen traded him to Cleveland if he thinks he can be the defensive player of the year.  I even feel like asking that as well, but I'm not going to because the trade had to happen.  Regardless of how well Rogers plays for Cleveland this season the trade will benefit the Lions.

Leigh Bodden, the player the Lions got in exchange for Rogers, will be a solid cornerback and part of the reason why Detroit's secondary is much improved compared to last year.  Also, the Lions drafted Andre Fluellen with the pick they got from Cleveland, and someday he could become a starter.  For now, he will provide depth at defensive tackle.

Probably the biggest reason why the Lions will benefit from this trade is because Shaun Rogers is gone.  The Lions defensive line was great in the preseason and did an amazing job of putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.  Rogers did a great job of that during his Lions career as well, but he wasn't consistent enough.  Whether it was games where he just stunk or couldn't play much due to fatigue, Rogers actually did hurt the Lions' pass rush in some situations.  That's not to take away anything from the great things he did do, but in the long run I think him going to Cleveland will benefit all parties involved.