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Lions Make Changes to Week 2 Depth Chart

With one game under their belts, Lions coaches now have a better idea of who should be starting.  Although the preseason gives coaches a brief chance to get an idea of what the depth chart should be, it can only tell you so much.  That is why after only one game there are quite a few changes to the Lions' depth chart.

The official changes that Rod Marinelli has confirmed are that newly signed wide receiver Brandon Middleton will replace Mike Furrey as the team's kick returner, Furrey will return punts instead of Shaun McDonald, and Leigh Bodden will start instead of Travis Fisher at cornerback.  Tom Kowalski also reports that Manny Ramirez will replace Stephen Peterman at right guard and Daniel Bullocks will start at free safety instead of Gerald Alexander.

I'm all for the above-mentioned moves as changes did need to be made after how bad things went against Atlanta.  Middleton looked good returning kicks in the preseason, and let's be honest, he can't be any worse than Furrey.  Similarly, Furrey can't be any worse than McDonald at punt returner, so here's to hoping that part of the Lions' special teams also improves. 

As far as Bodden starting instead of Fisher, I wonder why this move didn't happen sooner.  Moving to the o-line, Stephen Peterman struggled at right guard last Sunday, so him getting replaced doesn't come as a big surprise.  Finally, now that Daniel Bullocks is back to 100% health, he has retaken the starting job at free safety.

One other thing to mention is that Jordon Dizon will play more than he did against Atlanta.  This is being done as he played pretty well on Sunday and this move can ease him in gradually.  Eventually the hope is that he will be a starter, so the Lions are simply taking it one step at a time right now and are increasing his playing time game-by-game.

If all of the changes previously mentioned do happen, then below is what the Lions' depth chart should look like against Green Bay on Sunday.

Pos. First String Second String Third String
QB 8 Jon Kitna 6 Dan Orlovsky 5 Drew Stanton
HB 34
Kevin Smith
32 Rudi Johnson
33 Marcus Thomas
FB 45
Jerome Felton

WR 11 Roy Williams 84
Shaun McDonald

WR 81 Calvin Johnson 87 Mike Furrey 10
Brandon Middleton
TE 86
Michael Gaines
Casey FitzSimmons
John Owens
LT 76 Jeff Backus 74 Damion Cook
LG 64 Edwin Mulitalo

C 51 Dominic Raiola 67
Andy McCollum

RG 63 Manny Ramirez
66 Stephen Peterman
RT 72 George Foster 77 Gosder Cherilus
Pos. First String Second String Third String
LE 95 Jared DeVries 97 Ikaika Alama-Francis

NT 91 Chuck Darby 75 Shaun Cody 98 Landon Cohen
UT 78 Cory Redding 79 Langston Moore 96 Andre Fluellen
RE 99 Dewayne White 93 Corey Smith 92 Cliff Avril
WLB 50 Ernie Sims 54
Gilbert Gardner

MLB 53 Paris Lenon 57
Jordon Dizon

SLB 59 Alex Lewis 55
Ryan Nece

LCB 25 Brian Kelly 23 Keith Smith 38
Ramzee Robinson
RCB 28 Leigh Bodden 21 Travis Fisher

FS 27 Daniel Bullocks
42 Gerald Alexander 24 Kalvin Pearson
SS 26 Dwight Smith

Pos. First String Second String Third String
K 4 Jason Hanson
P 2 Nick Harris

H 2 Nick Harris
LS 48 Don Muhlbach
PR 87
Mike Furrey

KR 10 Brandon Middleton