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Thursday Notes: "Free" Tickets Being Offered by Gardner-White

  • Ernie Sims, Paris Lenon, and Drew Stanton are listed on this week's injury report for the Lions.  The Packers have many more than just a few on their injury report, so I'll just mention them when the final injury report is released.
  • It now appears that Stephen Peterman will start against Green Bay at right guard.  I relayed earlier today that it was reported Peterman was benched and Manny Ramirez would get the start, but now that doesn't look like it's going to happen.
  • Rookie offensive tackle Gosder Cherilus is going to get a decent amount of playing time on Sunday.
  • For details on how to get "free" tickets for Sunday's game from Gardner-White, check out this article.  I will warn you, though, the free tickets only come after purchasing $500 of furniture.
  • PFT exchanged ten texts with Kevin Smith.
  • Despite fracturing a toe, Packers cornerback and former Michigan Wolverine Charles Woodson isn't going to miss any games.
  • Drew Stanton has begun throwing a football again.
  • The Lions are 31st in ESPN's week 2 power rankings.
  • Linebacker Al Wilson, who the Lions were once rumored to be interested in, has retired.