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Sunday Notes: Packers Should Beat Lions Comfortably

  • I do think the Lions will play better today than they did a week ago.  That's not too tough to do considering playing better would be giving up less than 300 rushing yards, but I do think we'll see a better looking team.  The defense will still likely struggle, but I don't think they will struggle as much as they did against the Falcons.
  • My prediction for today's game is that the Packers will win by a couple touchdowns.  Although I said the Lions will play better, that won't be good enough to beat the Packers.  Green Bay played very well against the Vikings a week ago, and if Aaron Rodgers is on his game, then this probably won't be close when all is said and done.
  • Rudi Johnson is having a good time teaching Kevin Smith and Marcus Thomas, who are both rookie running backs.
  • Bill Simmons wonders why Matt Millen hasn't quit his job with the Lions to go back to being an announcer.
  • According to Forbes, the Lions are 24th on the list of NFL team values.
  • The Texans-Ravens game that was already moved to Monday has now been postponed until November 9.  The reason for the change is because of the damage Reliant Stadium sustained when Hurricane Ike went through Houston.  The stadium's roof was damaged as five sections of it are gone and there is also debris inside it.  To move the game to November 9, the Bengals had to shift their schedule around so everything worked out with bye weeks and things like that.