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Monday Notes: Packers Game Observations

  • Many fans are calling for the Lions to bench Jon Kitna, and although I really can't disagree that his three interceptions on three straight drives is uncalled for, do you really think Dan Orlovsky would be any better?  Once Drew Stanton is healthy again (supposedly at the start of October), I can understand benching Kitna for him if the season is already over, but for right now, at least, Kitna sadly is the Lions' best option at QB.
  • George Foster was benched and replaced with rookie Gosder Cherilus after one half of Sunday's game.  Foster gave up a couple sacks and Cherilus played very well considering that was his first real playing time in a regular season game.  If I'm remembering correctly Cherilus didn't give up a single sack, so that was great to see.
  • Although it was said last week that Jordon Dizon would play more, he actually never got into the game on defense.  He played on special teams, but that was it.
  • According to a reader that was at the game, a "Fire Millen" chant broke out after the Lions went down 24-9.  How long until we start to hear "Bench Kitna" during a home game?
  • This really was one of the worst performances I've ever seen by the secondary.  Even though there was talk about how bad they were last week against a rookie, they just looked flat out confused against Green Bay.  Cornerbacks were falling down, missing assignments, and simply letting Packers receivers run right by them.  It was really an ugly sight to see.
  • Safety Gerald Alexander sustained a concussion and tight end Casey FitzSimmons hurt one of his thumbs on Sunday.  Alexander was actually benched in favor of Daniel Bullocks before this game and FitzSimmons played well as he made a few nice catches.
  • I know they were playing from behind again, but the Lions only rushed for 49 yards yesterday.  They actually only ran the ball 12 times, and you can really take 1 attempt away since Jon Kitna took off and ran once.
  • The defensive line really disappointed me in this game.  They only had one sack, which came when Dewayne White forced a fumble, and Aaron Rodgers was able to escape pressure over and over again.  Sometimes he would not only avoid the sack, but proceed to complete a pass downfield.
  • Can the Lions defense make sure to play on every down from now on?  The Packers went 9-16 on third down conversions, whereas the Lions went a dismal 2-12.
  • Jason Hanson did all that was asked of him.  He nailed all three of his field goal attempts and didn't miss an extra point.
  • Both Calvin Johnson and Roy Williams dropped a pass when they were wide open.  Roy looked like he looking upfield before he actually made the catch and Calvin pretty much just dropped it.
  • I think we can forget about the drop Calvin made after the amazing game he ended up having.  His two fourth quarter touchdowns gave the Lions the lead for a short period of time and he really showed off his physical ability, especially his speed.  In the end, Johnson finished with 6 catches for 129 yards and 2 touchdowns.
  • Roy Williams added 3 catches of his own for 48 yards, but as we saw in the preseason, it looks like Calvin Johnson has become this team's top receiver.
  • Going back to Calvin for a second, the coaches did make a good adjustment with him in the passing game.  Johnson was struggling to get off the line of scrimmage at times, so the coaches started to run him across the middle.  That is how Johnson scored his two touchdowns, so I do give the coaches credit for making that change.
  • Daniel Bullocks led the team with 12 tackles.
  • Aaron Rodgers torched the Lions defense as he went 24-38 and threw for 328 yards and 3 touchdowns.
  • A couple fans said that they couldn't even give tickets away for yesterday's game.  If Detroit loses this week then there is no doubt the Chicago game on October 5 (their next home game) will be blacked out unless a company again steps in.  If they can't even sell out the home opener against the Packers by themselves then there is no way they will do so against the Bears, especially if they are 0-3 at the time.

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