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Should Jon Kitna Be the Lions' Starting QB?

Checking back in with ESPN's "Coach Ratings" page reveals that Rod Marinelli's rating dropped to 8% this week. He was rated at 16% after last week's loss to Atlanta, and it's understandable that it would be cut in half after the debacle against Green Bay yesterday.

ESPN does a nice job with coach approval ratings, but I'm interested in what the readers of Pride of Detroit have to say about Jon Kitna. Obviously most probably don't approve of the job he's doing at quarterback for the Lions, but just because you don't like how he's playing doesn't mean he shouldn't be the starting QB. By that I mean that if he shouldn't be the starting QB, you must realize Dan Orlovsky or Drew Stanton (when he is healthy in early October) would be leading this team.

Anyways, leave your vote and leave your thoughts in the comments section. Remember, if you vote no you're saying Kitna should be benched in favor of someone like Orlovsky or Stanton. Or here's an idea: Jeff Garcia reportedly is on the trading block, why don't the Lions go after him? (Okay, I'm kidding with that idea.)

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