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Around the NFC North: Week 2

Colts - 18 :: Vikings - 15

The Vikings are off to a 0-2 start after choking away a 15-0 lead against the Colts.  Five Ryan Longwell field goals got Minnesota that lead, but Indianapolis started their comeback toward the end of the third quarter when Joseph Addai scored from a yard out.  Then, in the fourth quarter, Peyton Manning hit Reggie Wayne for a 32 TD pass to get the Colts within 2.  Indy would tie the game on the 2-point conversion as Dominic Rhodes ran into the end zone. 

With the comeback already complete, Indy took the lead for the first time in this game with 3 seconds left on a 47-yard Adam Vinatieri field goal.  It took them nearly the entire game to go on top, but they did so just in time to leave Minnesota victorious.

Daily Norseman expressed his thoughts on the game in an open letter to Vikings head coach Brad Childress.  Below is an excerpt from the letter.

But I knew that somehow. . .some way. . .that you, Brad Childress, creator of the prevent offense and master of losing close games in situations where you clearly should not, would find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this afternoon.  And, clearly, you did not let me down.

Were you really so naive or arrogant (or both) enough to think that the Minnesota defense, as good as it is, was going to be able to stop Peyton Manning for an entire game?  Did you really think that you could keep sending Ryan Longwell out there on possession after possession and have that be good enough to beat a team the caliber of the Indianapolis Colts?  Did you think for one second that when you got the ball back on your own 2-yard line with less than two minutes left and Indianapolis having all three of their time outs that you could NOT EVEN MAKE AN EFFORT TO GET A FIRST DOWN and be able to just coast into overtime?

See, Mr. Childress, anyone that's watched the Vikings for any amount of time over the last 2+ years knows that these are the kind of games that you excel at losing.  In this, your third season as the Vikings' head coach, you've been on the sidelines for 34 games. . .14 victories and 20 losses.  Of those 20 losses, 13 of them have been by seven points or fewer, and in the majority of those games, the Vikings have had an opportunity to either tie or take the lead in the closing minutes.  And they have not. . .and that's, largely, because of you.

Good stuff, Gonzo.  I especially like the Photoshop you posted.

Panthers - 20 :: Bears - 17

Just like Minnesota, the Bears choked away a lead on Sunday.  Chicago was up on Carolina 17-3 in the third quarter thanks in part to a blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown.  A field goal and a 1-yard TD run would be added later on, giving the Bears the two touchdown lead.

That lead would be cut down to 11 points after John Kasay kicked his second field goal of the day, and then rookie running back Jonathan Stewart took over.  He scored from 4 yards out near the end of the third quarter and then found the end zone again -- this time from 1 yard out -- with just under 4 minutes left in the game.  That put the Panthers on top 20-17, which is what the final score would read.

Windy City Gridiron had this to say after the game:

Once again the Bears show that with an only average QB and a below average offensive coordinator that they can snatch defeat from the hands of victory.

At one point Kyle Orton's completion rating looked good, I believe it was 14/19, but he finishes with 19/32 for a 149 yards.

Forte also started off the game well and was fighting hard.  He finished with 92 yards and a 4 yard average.

In Week 3, Minnesota will look for its first win of the season when Carolina comes to the Metrodome, Chicago hosts Tampa Bay, and Green Bay takes on Dallas Sunday night in what should be a very entertaining game.