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Tuesday Notes: Roy Williams Wants the Ball

  • Roy Williams isn't exactly happy with how he's being used and he voiced his frustrations to the media.
    "I really think I'm a role player right now," Williams said, adding that he doesn't even have himself on his fantasy football team. "I got Calvin (Johnson)."

    "I'm a little ticked off because I feel if I'm not involved in the game and we lose, I'm ticked off. If I'm not involved and we win, hey, it's a great job. I feel I can make some plays."

    Three catches a game, he said, "that's not going to cut it."

    Williams tried to make it sound like he's only angry because he wasn't involved and the Lions lost, saying that if they would have won he wouldn't have any problems.  Honestly, though, I don't buy that for a second.  Roy Williams is in a contract year, so it's understandable that he would want the ball.  After all, his future contract depends on his performance this year if he becomes a free agent.

    Regardless of that, though, I don't really like to hear Roy complain at all as he dropped one of the passes that was thrown in his direction.  To be fair, Calvin Johnson had a drop as well, but it still makes you look bad when you're voicing your problems about not getting the ball after dropping one that was thrown to you.
  • I normally can't stand ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, but for once I actually agree with him on something.  Smith went on First Take on Monday and absolutely tore apart Matt Millen.  The Free Press has the text of what he said, and it all is very true.
  • Unsurprisingly, Rod Marinelli is firmly behind Jon Kitna.  It doesn't look like any changes will happen in the near future unless Kitna completely collapses against the 49ers.  And even if he does collapse, Drew Stanton isn't supposed to be 100% healthy until the start of October, so it's unlikely he could get ready in time to play against Chicago on October 5.
  • Speaking of Stanton, he was wearing an interesting shirt yesterday.
    As he was walking out of the locker room Monday, Stanton was wearing a T-shirt that read "Born to Run Things."
    Hopefully the shirt is true when Stanton does eventually take over as the starting QB.
  • Kitna is regretful about walking off the field following his third interception before the play was even over.
  • Tight end Casey FitzSimmons likely will play against San Francisco despite having a thumb injury.
  • Charles Woodson picked off two passes against the Lions on Sunday even though he had a broken toe.
  • Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson may have made one of the dumbest plays in NFL history last night.

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