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Rumor: Lions Close to Trading Shaun Cody to Denver

Mile High Report's TheSportsGuru was kind enough to pass along a rumor that involves both the Lions and Broncos.  The rumor isn't necessarily a rumor on the Denver end of things, but for the Lions it is still a big rumor.

Basically, the rumor is that the Lions are in talks to send defensive tackle Shaun Cody to Denver in exchange for cornerback Domonique Foxworth.  The reason I said that it isn't really a rumor for Denver's side of this deal is because Foxworth was actually sent home yesterday after being told he was going to be traded.

The cornerback was told by the team that he is close to being traded and to go home and wait to be traded. Foxworth said that he was told that there are several teams Denver is talking to and that he has no clue where he will play next week only that it won't be with the Broncos.

This rumor has credibility because Foxworth is about to be on the move, but how does Cody factor into this?  Well, he is in the final year of his contract and the Lions would be smart to get some value out of him.  Cody hasn't lived up to expectations at all in his time with the Lions and some even expected him to be cut from the team.  Thanks to a good training camp and preseason that didn't happen, but it wouldn't be surprising to see the Lions trade him, especially since they have six defensive tackles on the roster right now.  Getting rid of one wouldn't hurt depth very much, and adding another cornerback would improve the secondary.

If this rumored trade develops at all we should hear about it today considering Foxworth was actually sent home.  That indicates that the Broncos are very close to a deal if they haven't reached one already, and where there's smoke there's usually fire, so the fact that the Lions are mentioned in this rumor likely means they are at least involved in talks with the Broncos.