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Postgame Poll: Will Stanton Start Against Chicago?

Lions quarterback Jon Kitna was injured near the end of today's game against the 49ers. As of right now I have no idea what the severity of his injury is, but regardless of that, Kitna's performance definitely put his status as this team's starting quarterback in question. Last week after his meltdown I was willing to give him one more chance to show that he should be the starter, but after watching what he did against San Francisco today, I honestly don't see what the Lions have to lose by starting Drew Stanton.

Detroit has a bye next week and returns to Ford Field on October 5 against Chicago. If Jon Kitna is the starting QB, you can expect that he will be greeted with boos as it is a sign that the Lions do not care about the future. Let's be honest, this season is over already as this team is going nowhere, so why not just put in Stanton and see what he can do? If he sucks then you know he's not ready or just isn't any good, and if he plays well then at least we know who will be the Lions' future QB.

With all of the above in mind, I pose this question to you: Will Stanton start against the Bears? Keep in mind, I'm not asking if he should start, because we all probably agree on that. I'm asking if he will start, meaning you have to think about what the Lions' coaches will do and/or how badly Kitna is hurt.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section and your vote in the poll below.

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