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Bill Ford Jr. Says He Would Fire Matt Millen

Things have gone so badly for the Lions this season that vice chairman Bill Ford Jr. is starting to directly say that Matt Millen should be fired.  In the past, Ford Jr. would be asked about Millen and hint at the fact that he doesn't care for the job Millen is doing.  Nothing direct would ever be said, though, as it would basically question his father's decision to keep Millen around.  However, after Detroit's loss to the 49ers yesterday, Ford Jr. was completely upfront about his opinion of the job Millen is doing.

“It was an embarrassment, the fans deserve better, and if I had the authority, I would have fired the general manager,” Matt Millen, Ford said.

When asked again a few minutes later if he would fire Millen, he said, “Yes, but I don’t have that authority.”

I'm glad at least one Ford has some sanity.  Even so, Ford Jr.'s opinion doesn't mean anything.  It all comes down to what his dad, William Clay Ford, thinks, and right now his dad is fine with the job Millen is doing.  Although the Lions have been mediocre ever since Millen was hired, it's obvious that Ford Sr. likes him and is okay with being mediocre as long as he still makes money.

There are no signs that Millen is close to being fired, but this is at least some progress.  This team is getting so bad that Ford Jr. is publicly contradicting his father's decision to keep Millen around, so I would consider this to be baby steps.  Millen isn't likely going to be fired in the near future, but the fact that Ford Jr. is saying he should be shows that the tide is turning with at least one person in the organization.