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Wednesday Notes: Post-Millen Era Edition

  • The Lions opted to not have a press conference about the firing of Matt Millen and instead decided to just send out a press release.
  • Matt Millen's wife, Patty, had this to say about her husband being fired:
    "We're fine," Millen's wife, Patty, told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen. "In the world's view, this may look like failure. It's been a hard road, football-wise, but we've gotten a lot of eternal blessings. We'll move forward. I told him, 'You're out of football prison now' and we have a greater purpose."
    You could say Lions fans are out of football prison now in a sense as well.
  • ESPN's Kevin Seifert brings up a great point that getting rid of Matt Millen is only the first step in what likely will be a long rebuilding process.  Hiring Millen's replacement is just as, if not more important.  Although it would be hard to find anyone worse than Millen, the Lions have to hire someone that will get this team on the path to success.
  • According to Dave Birkett, a "parade of Lions fans" drove by the team's headquarters in Allen Park today and was honking their horns and waving Lions flags to celebrate the firing of Matt Millen.
  • As Adam Schefter points out, it is definitely surprising that Raiders coach Lane Kiffin outlasted Matt Millen.  Kiffin still is the coach of the Raiders despite previous reports that he was going to be fired.  I still think he will be fired sometime soon, but for now, at least, he is employed and Matt Millen isn't.
  •'s Alex Marvez thinks Rod Marinelli is running out of time.  Obviously after what has taken place today, I agree.  His status as the Lions' head coach beyond the 2008 season all depends on who is hired as the new general manager.  If it is someone that likes Marinelli and feels that he can make it work with the head coach already there, then there won't be a change.  However, that is highly unlikely as a new GM is probably going to want his own guy coaching the team, so Marinelli probably should start preparing a resume once the 2008 season comes to a close.
  • Roy Williams didn't believe that Matt Millen was to blame for the Lions' struggles and thinks Ford Field is cursed.  I can't really disagree with his last belief.  Sometimes it does seem like the Lions are simply cursed.
  • Jon Kitna doesn't think he is the problem.  I agree that he isn't the problem, but he is one of the many the Lions have.
  • Rudi Johnson simply needed to learn the playbook before having a breakout game with the Lions.
  • Although the Lions are on a bye week, it certainly does seem like they won something today.
  • The Lions are dead last in FOX Sports' power rankings.
  • When the Lions head to Houston to play the Texans on October 19, chances are the Reliant Stadium roof will be open due to the damage it sustained during Hurricane Ike.
  • Chris Osgood joked about how he wants to be the Lions' next GM.
  • Chris Mottram has some job ideas for Matt Millen now that he is unemployed.
  • Joey Harrington may want to take a look at that list of job ideas as the Saints have released him just five days after signing him.