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Jon Kitna to Start Against Chicago?

The Jon Kitna era isn't over yet, according to Tom Kowalski.  Kitna reportedly will start at quarterback for the Lions in their next game (vs. Chicago on October 5).  This move comes despite the fact that Kitna hasn't been playing all that well and people want Drew Stanton to play to build for the future.

Kowalski did go on to say that he thinks the Kitna era could come to an end if the Lions pile up some losses in their next three games.  If that's the case, then Stanton likely would step in as the starter as there is no point to continue on with Kitna.  The rest of the season would be meaningless anyways, so at that point it would be dumb not to start Stanton.

The Lions will start Kitna against the Bears and then also have him start the next two road games against Minnesota and Houston. By that time, Stanton should be ready to take the field -- at home -- against Washington. That game will start a stretch where the Lions play five of their next seven games at home, giving Stanton a better comfort level.

At this moment, that's how I see this thing playing out. A lot of things can happen in the next three games, but the Lions need to find out what they've got in Stanton and starting him against the Redskins would put him in the best possible position to be successful.

If the Lions lose again against Chicago and Kitna doesn't play well, I do wish that Stanton would start in the very next game.  However, I do understand that they've got to be smart with Stanton and not rush him back from his thumb injury or set him up to fail.  He may fail anyways, but putting him in a bad situation such as a road game probably wouldn't be the greatest idea.