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Scratch Bill Cowher Off the List

Obviously things could change and money could per sway anyone to reconsider, but as of right now it doesn't sound like Bill Cowher has much interest in coaching, especially next year.

The exact question posed to him was, “Are we going to see Bill Cowher patrolling the sideline again in 2009?”

And his exact answer –- transcribed by the fine young men, Brad Fancon and Jason Kleinman, at –- was: “No, I don’t think so. I mean, I’m working on the same extension that the CBA (collective bargaining agreement) is (and that runs through 2010). So I mean, I’m on here until at least 2010 — or more.

“But, I don’t think so. You know what Adam, I’m really enjoying CBS. They’ve been very good and allowed me to come in. Last year was a lot of fun working with James Brown, and Dan (Marino), and Shannon (Sharpe), and Boomer (Esisason). I had a chance to watch more football doing what I’m doing on Sundays than I did when I was coaching, which was just focused on my team. And I really enjoyed the National Football League, all the storylines taking place. It has really filled a tremendous void that I thought was going to be there that I’ve been able to do by doing this little gig I have on Sundays.”

Even if Cowher was interested in returning it would be a long shot that he ended up in Detroit.  Cowher is supposedly someone that wants complete control over everything, and I don't know if we would get that in Detroit.  Regardless, it probably is a moot point anyways since it doesn't sound like Cowher will be on the sidelines for any team in the next year.

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