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Wednesday Notes: Stanton Back in a Month?

  • Rudi Johnson is ready to study the playbook and is ready to play.
  • To listen to an interview Johnson did with Stoney and Wojo yesterday, click here.
  • Had he not signed with the Lions, Johnson had a visit scheduled with Houston and Cincinnati actually showed some interest in taking him back as well.
  • Drew Stanton likely will be back from his thumb injury in a month.
  • The transcript of Barry Sanders' chat on ESPN's SportsNation can be found here.
  • George Foster, like many Lions players, was happy when Mike Martz was replaced.  The move obviously worked out well for Foster as he is likely going to be the starter at right tackle on Sunday.
  • Leigh Bodden and Travis Fisher are battling for a starting spot at cornerback and Rod Marinelli hasn't indicated who is leading that competition.
  • I posted who I think the Lions' best fantasy player and best fantasy sleeper will be this upcoming season over on Fake Teams.
  • The Falcons are discounting tickets to Sunday's game all the way down to $10 in order to avoid a blackout.
  • Roger Goodell is in favor of shortening the preseason and expanding the regular season.
  • The Saints will be able to open their season at home as originally planned despite Hurricane Gustav rolling through New Orleans on Monday.
  • ESPN's NFL Primetime is back for the 2008 season.  It won't actually be called NFL Primetime, but Chris Berman and Tom Jackson will host Sunday's 7 p.m. SportsCenter alongside John Saunders.  I'll admit that I'm not a fan of Chris Berman at all, but I always did enjoy NFL Primetime back when it was still on.  He and Tom Jackson have a great chemistry that makes the show work.
  • Jaguars offensive tackle Richard Collier is in critical condition after being shot multiple times early Tuesday morning.
  • A broadcast map for this Sunday's games can be found over at Awful Announcing.