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Week 4 Fantasy Wrap-Up


All good things must come to an end eventually, and that was exactly what happened for me in the official POD fantasy football league in Week 4.  LA Leos, who was 0-3 coming into his game against me, absolutely destroyed my team by dropping a ridiculous amount of points.  I had my best lineup in, as my coach rating shows, but that really doesn't say much considering most of my bench was either injured or on a bye.  The loss drops me to 3-1 on the year, which makes for a four-way tie for first-place in the league.

LA Leos (sgdbw90) 133.68
STUD: QB Matt Schaub 34.68
DUD: D/ST Broncos 2
OPTIMUM: 139.68 RATING: 95%
Better Than Millen (me) 107.16
STUD: QB Jake Delhomme 24.76
DUD: TE Tony Scheffler 2.6
BENCHED: K Josh Brown 1
OPTIMUM: 107.16 RATING: 100%

My undefeated record in the POD overflow league also no longer exists.  I lost 118.92-107 even after having a great performance out of both Larry Johnson and LaDainian Tomlinson (and a coach rating of 90%).  Looking back, it wasn't a great move to bench Jay Cutler for Philip Rivers or Thomas Jones for Chris Perry, but my optimum score was 118.24, which still would have resulted in a loss.  Things did go much better in the SBN/AOL league as I had a coach rating of 99% and won 97.5-72.05 over Niners Nation, improving my record to 3-1 in that league as well.

A look at how everyone fared in the official POD league this week can be found after the jump.

Calvin and the Chipmunks (mgersz) 110.5
STUD: QB Tony Romo 30.7
DUD: RB Reggie Bush 3.8
BENCHED: RB Steve Slaton 17.6
OPTIMUM: 126.6 RATING: 87%
Motown Madmen (Jettero2112) 123.92
STUD: QB Drew Brees 31.42
DUD: D/ST Cowboys 2
BENCHED: RB Correll Buckhalter 15
OPTIMUM: 133.22 RATING: 93%
Underdogs (Sig Sauer) 118.46
STUD: QB Brett Favre 45.56
DUD: RB Ryan Grant -0.4
BENCHED: D/ST Browns 17
OPTIMUM: 135.36 RATING: 87%
Detroit's Few Good Men (ReichardZ) 86.04
STUD: QB David Garrard 25.54
DUD: TE Vernon Davis 1.9
BENCHED: QB Jason Campbell 21.54
OPTIMUM: 86.04 RATING: 100%
Rudys Warhawks (isjim) 68.18
STUD: WR Greg Jennings 22.9
DUD: Three tied 0
BENCHED: QB JaMarcus Russell 14.48
OPTIMUM: 86.78 RATING: 78%
West Coast Lions (LVLionfan) 104.74
STUD: RB Steven Jackson 24.8
DUD: TE Robert Royal 0.8
BENCHED: QB Matt Ryan 7.42
OPTIMUM: 104.74 RATING: 100%
Maize 'n' Blue Jays (THE_J) 72.9
STUD: D/ST Bills 13
DUD: RB Felix Jones 0
BENCHED: QB Trent Edwards 14.68
OPTIMUM: 86.38 RATING: 84%
The Gosder Cherilus Posse (The Prodigy) 89.24
STUD: RB Chris Johnson 19.5
DUD: D/ST Giants (bye) 0
BENCHED: WR Chad Johnson 8.8
OPTIMUM: 89.94 RATING: 99%
SnotKnocker's (Ace Banger,The Guru) 64.78
STUD: K Matt Prater 16
DUD: TE Jerramy Stevens 0
BENCHED: QB Kurt Warner 20.88
OPTIMUM: 89.88 RATING: 72%
Just go away Favre (ahtrap) 88.5
STUD: WR Laveranues Coles 28.5
DUD: RB Brandon Jackson 2.1
BENCHED: QB Kyle Orton 17.96
OPTIMUM: 93.06 RATING: 95%

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