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Friday Notes: Tatum Bell to Go on Dan Patrick Show

  • Tatum Bell will be on the Dan Patrick Show this morning to defend himself in "bag-gate."  Rumor has it that the DP Show is trying to get Rudi Johnson to come on as well, which would result in some interesting radio.  If those two were on the air together you can bet there would be fireworks.
  • Pro Football Talk has another picture mocking "bag-gate."
  • There were no changes made to the initial injury report listed earlier this week.  A final one will be released on Saturday and I'll post it on Pride of Detroit.
  • Rod Marinelli "fully expects" new Lions running back Rudi Johnson to play on Sunday.
  • The Lions are 21st in FOX Sports' pre-kickoff power rankings.
  • The NFL is acknowledging Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco by his new name.  Ocho Cinco is what the back of Chad's jersey will read on Sunday, and you can bet his new jersey will sell like hotcakes when it goes on sale.
  • Daunte Culpepper has retired from the NFL.
  • Atlanta Falcons sponsors bought the remaining tickets available to get Sunday's game against Detroit to sellout status.  That prevents a local blackout from happening, which is good news for Falcons fans.  I'm sure we'll be in a similar situation a few times this season as the Lions aren't exactly selling out games all that quickly.  In fact, there are still tickets available for the Lions' home opener against Green Bay, and an all-out marketing blitz is currently taking place to get rid of the remaining tickets.