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Tom Brady Out for the Season

This news has no effect on the Lions, but it is worth mentioning considering this probably is going to be the biggest story all season long, especially for those of you that have Tom Brady on your fantasy team.

Multiple sources are reporting that Patriots quarterback and NFL MVP Tom Brady is out for the season due to a torn ACL. Brady was injured in the first quarter of Sunday's game against the Chiefs when Kansas City safety Bernard Pollard hit Brady's knee and flexed it. The injury looked bad when it first happened and it was known immediately something was wrong as Brady went down in pain and was screaming.

In the days leading up to the start of the season there was much talk about whether or not Brady was healthy as he didn't play at all in the preseason. There was concern over his foot, and the Patriots actually removed him from the injury report for the first time in what seems like years to stick it to people saying he was hurt.

Although it seems he was healthy going into the game, that's certainly not the case now. If Brady did in fact tear his ACL then he is going to be done for the season. The Patriots will instantly go from being the league's best team to being nothing more than average as their quarterback not only won't be Tom Brady, but it could very well be Chris Simms. Their usual backup, Matt Cassel, came into the game yesterday and led the Patriots to a 17-10 victory, but New England doesn't seem content with him being the starting QB as Simms is already scheduled to workout with the Pats today.

As a Michigan fan and a fan of football in general I just hate to see something like this happen. Not only does losing Brady mean that fantasy teams out there will be devastated, but the NFL loses one of its best players as well. Teams on New England's schedule and in the AFC probably won't mind too much as the door just swung wide open, but for the game of football this was a huge loss.

For more on Brady's status and what the Patriots will do from here, check out Pats Pulpit.

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