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Victor DeGrate Denies Tatum Bell's Claims

Victor DeGrate's mother spoke to the Detroit News on Monday and said her son had no involvement in Tatum Bell's taking of Rudi Johnson's bags.  Today, Victor DeGrate himself spoke on the matter and reiterated that he had nothing to do with the situation and indirectly said that Bell is basically full of it.

“I just know I had nothing to do with it,” DeGrate said today in a phone interview.

“What he did is his business. Why he said what he said, I don’t know. I can’t do nothing for you or for him as far as that goes.”

“The way I just figure, he got caught up in a jam and that was the best thing going at the time, was to say what he said,” DeGrate said.

“When I left there, I left,” DeGrate said. “I had nothing to do with none of it.”
DeGrate did not leave a backpack behind?

“I had nothing to do with none of it,” DeGrate said.

DeGrate went on to say that he doesn't know who the woman that ended up with the bags is despite Bell saying she is a friend of DeGrate's.  Also, DeGrate said he "ain't holding no grudges" against Bell despite being brought into a situation that he allegedly had nothing to do with.

I imagine DeGrate realized that it's time to deny Bell's claims as he has a reputation to protect as well.  Bell is already screwed and likely will have a tough time finding a job in the NFL again, but DeGrate did the smart thing of clearing his own name as there's no doubt NFL teams would take note of him being mentioned in this situation.