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Jim Schwartz Interviews with Lions Again, Addresses Media

Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz interviewed with the Lions for a second time on Monday, and while he was in Allen Park the Lions decided to make him available to the media.  I can't recall a candidate for a coaching job ever taking questions like he is already the head coach, so this was certainly strange to me at first.  However, after thinking about the Lions' motives behind the move, it actually does make some sense, believe it or not. 

Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand wanted to see how Schwartz interacted with the media, as they apparently watched the press conference from the back of the room.  Plus, when you think about it, this was like another interview with Schwartz, though I imagine all of the things discussed in the press conference were already discussed with Mayhew and Lewand.  At a minimum, this move allowed the Lions to get another look at Schwartz, which can't hurt.

As far as what Schwartz said, there was one quote that stuck out the most and sort of upset me.

On what his preference would be with the No. 1 pick: “I think the important thing is finding the right person. I don't think you tie yourself into positions. Obviously there's a lot of needs. I think obviously the most important position on the team is quarterback. It's probably time to find a replacement for Bobby Layne.”

Although I have held out hope that the Lions won't draft a quarterback, the chances of that happening definitely go up if Schwartz is hired.  Obviously there is still a lot of time between now and the draft and Martin Mayhew will ultimately have the final say, but I think the chances of the Lions drafting a QB are pretty good if Schwartz is the head coach.  Then again, he could get here and realize how bad the defense or offensive line is and change his mind.  At this point I guess I probably shouldn't put too much into what a head coach candidate says about the draft.

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