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Friday Notes: Larry Foote Wants to Join the Lions?

  • According to a friend of Steelers linebacker Larry Foote, he wants to sign with the Lions after this season.  Foote will be a free agent and is a Detroit native, and apparently he wants to play for four seasons in Detroit before retiring.  Foote's reasoning for coming to the Lions seems to be that he wants to give back to the Detroit community and wants to play in his hometown.  I'm all for signing him if he wants to come here.  Foote is a great player and it would be cool to have a hometown player on the team that cares so much about the city of Detroit.
  • Calvin Johnson participated in a chat on on Thursday.  He answered a ton of different questions and finished the chat off by saying that his goal for next season is to make the playoffs.
  • Tom Kowalski may have figured out why Mel Kiper has the Lions drafting Matthew Stafford with the #1 pick: Kiper has been predicting that since Stafford was in high school, so there is no point to not uphold that prediction now.
  • Believe it or not, but the Lions' system of evaluating talent and draft development from the 90s was brought over to Pittsburgh and helped make the Steelers one of the best franchises in the league.
  • The Chicago Tribune speculates that Mike Furrey could end up in Chicago after the Lions release him.

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